Introduction Edit

The Grenadiers are one of the elite 'Guards' regiments of the Tierran Army, and is ranked first in the order of precedence among the army's soldiery. Members of the regiment are armed with muskets, bayonets, and grenades, and are easily recognizable because of their distinctive bearskin shakos.

Organization Edit

The regiment is separated into three battalions, each possessing extremely stringent standards for entry. Each recruit must meet certain height, weight, and age requirements, be literate, have at least four years of spotless service, and be able to run a 4km course with 35kgs of gear in under 40 minutes. Recruits that meet these standard will be placed in Third Battalion, a holding unit that maintains replacements for Second Battalion to draw from to replace causalities. Second Battalion is a active duty combat unit that fights as part of the regular army. First Battalion is the most elite of the three battalions and is charged with the protection his royal majesty the king himself. In order to gain entry to First Battalion a Grenadier must have served 5 years in Second Battalion, received the Meritorious Service Order, and be approved by the Lieutenant Colonel of the regiment and the King himself.

The Battle of Blogia Edit

During the Battle of Blogia Second Battalion was killed almost to a man while making a defiant last stand in a attempt to buy time for Castermaine to withdraw the army's batteries of cannon. The regimental commander, lieutenant colonel Hunter, was himself was killed alongside the vast majority of his men and was replaced Daniel d'al Lefebvre, his former subordinate and one of only two grenadier officers to survive the battle, as lieutenant colonel and field commander of the Grenadiers.