The Antari Light Cavalry, or Antari Light Horse is a type of light cavalry of Antar, and the main cavalry force during the Dozen Years War. They all ride small sized, light, nimble horses renowned to Antar for their lightning-speed, agility and ferocious temper, there is a possibility that the playable horse Jackrum belongs to the same type of Antari horse breed in the game.

The riders are equipped with curved cavalry sabres, flintlock pistols or rare occasions: slim lances. They wore velvet hussar jackets and fur shakos with golden and silver braiding. They are seen during the first 6 years of the MC's assignment when he must be part of 3rd squadron to destroy a force of 300 light horses led by Josef of Torranonbirit, in which can be defeated without heavy casualties, completely destroyed or surrender due to the MC's plan of deception.

They are then again seen during the battle of Blogia, where they are placed on Prince Korobirit's right flank( Tierran left flank). They were hold back during the first part of the battle, when the Royal Dragoons led by the Duke of Cunaris commited the death-ride to save the army they rush in to the fight: hoping to use their suprior numbers to crush the regiment, but were hold off again and again.

Usage in warfare Edit

In Guns of Infinity, they were mentioned as the main tools for forward scouts and shock forces, in the first chapter, if the MC has promoted to captain of 6th squadron, he shall be fighting them, who are responsible of the raids on the Tierran supply runs.

In reality Edit

Comparing to the real world they can be the mixed unit of the formations and equipment of the Hungarian Hussar and have the uniforms which reassembles to that of the British 15th Hussar regiment in the Napoleonic Wars.