Cazarosta during the Storming of Kharangia.

Sir Caius d'al Cazarosta is a captain or major (depending on certain choices of the Dragoon Officer) of the Royal Tierran Army and a Deathborn .


Caius d'al Cazarosta (B:585OIE is the adoptive son of Calvin d'al Cazarosta, 4th Earl of Leoniscourt. His status as a deathborn meant that with his birth, his mother the countess of Leoniscourt was immediately attainted and executed and that he himself would be unable to legitimately succeed his father. 

Cazarosta is a excellent soldier and commands absolute loyalty from his men, despite being quite frigid and blunt. He also demonstrates many symptoms of sociopathy, showing little emotion and possessing a capacity for extreme cruelty, though only when he believes it would serve a direct military purpose, despising cruelty for cruelties sake.

Cazarosta became a Lieutenant due to an incident (which is, so far, not revealed yet) which also awarded him the Gryphon of Rendower.

During the Battle of Blogia Cazarosta was heavily wounded defending Castle Blogia. His left eye was completely destroyed by a hussar's baneruned sword and, despite banehealers successfully regrowing the eye, the area surrounding it was left permanently blackened and cracked. Following the Battle, Cazarosta was promoted to Captain and awarded a knighthood by the king himself, making him possibly the only Deathborn knight in Tierran history.