Lord Davis d'al Elson was a lieutenant, later a captain, of the Royal Tierran Army and a comrade that was in training together with the player, now being presumed dead.

Biography Edit

Davis d'al Elson was the heir of the Baron of Hawthorne, a poor but a politically influential Cortes noble. Now that he has been presumed dead, one of his younger siblings shall become the heir. Not much is known about his family.

Together with the player and Cazarosta, they were not only roommates, but were also fellow acquaintances. Elson proved to be a very charming individual, as during his times in training, he had always been together with a group of friends, indicating his natural charisma. He was not a man without weaknesses, however, as during his time in training he has proven to have a lack of soldiering, and even fell from his horse during the Royal Dragoons' parade charge, depending on the player's choice, he suffered heavy injuries.

Elson was a friendly individual, and seemed to have mixed feelings for his fellow comrade, Cazarosta. This may not only be because of Cazarosta's Deathborn status, but also because he seems to dislike his cruelty. Elson was the very embodiment of a gentleman, and unlike Cazarosta, had a lot of mercy, even for his foes. Not only that, but he was a man of pride and honour, as during the Batlle of Blogia, after finding out his superior had died, he immediately took the initiative and ordered a frontal charge on the Antari Church Hussars, (Even though obviously suicidal) It was during these attacks, he had gone missing.

Out of the three, he rose through the ranks very quickly compared to the other three. Some of his relatives may have pulled some strings, however.

Elson was a Banecaster of Third Calibre.

(Presumed) Death Edit

Elson had been declared dead after his dissapearence during the repeated charges against the Church Hussars. His body has never been recovered, however. It is possible he is not dead yet, it is, however, mere speculation without any evidence to support it.