Deathborn is a term referring to a child born of a baneblooded parent, but who is unable to sense the bane themselves. As a child of two Banebloods always produces another Baneblood, this means that Deathborn are the result of adultery between a Baneblood and Baneless, a capital offence in Tierra and most of the Northern Kingdoms. Considered mentally deficient and naturally untrustworthy, and barred from inheriting any property whatsoever, Deathborn rarely lead pleasant lives. Because of the taboo associated with their creation and the punishment discovery carries, Deathborn are quite rare throughout the North.

This attitude differs considerably in the nation of Kian'ze however. As marriage between Banebloods and Baneless are legal (if seen as somewhat distasteful), Deathborn children are far more common there and, whats-more, enjoy the same legal rights as baneblooded children.