The League of Antar

The League of Antar is the northernmost continent of the Infinite Sea. It is composed of three distinct geographic zones, though all three share in suffering through the notoriously brutal Antari winters.

The southernmost region is the Great Forest, a land of suffocating woodlands and rough terrain. The great port-city of Kharangia straddles the edge of the Great Forest and Central Plains and guards the mouth of the River Kharan.

Next is the Central Plains, an area that makes up the middle of the Calligian continent. The land is relatively flat and free of dense vegetation, with fertile and fair weather for most of the year. These conditions make it excellent farmland and the region produces a great surplus of grain. Because of this excess, the lords of the Central Plains can afford to export massive amounts of food to the smaller and less fertile Northern Kingdoms, feeding the region and enriching themselves in the process.

The Northernmost portion of Antar, meanwhile, is the coldest part of Antar, though it still plays host to many of the great houses and cities that call the continent home.