Introduction Edit

The Gryphon of Rendower is the highest military award in the King's army, the medal itself is awarded to officers for their courage, bravery, showing display of initiative or excellent leadership during engagements. The medal itself can be personally awarded by His Tierran Majesty himself or by Grenadier Square.

Features of the medal Edit

The Gryphon of Rendower features a rounded medal made of gold with the Gryphon of House Rendower being carved on the surface with inscriptions surrounding the gryphon and being attached to a white and golden ribbon.

For members who are awarded with their first Gryphon of Rendower and got themselves another, the first medal itself will be given a gold bar with inscriptions to be pinned onto it.

Notable members who were awarded Edit

MC (determinant)

Sir Caius d'al Cazarosta

Sir Enrique d'al Hunter, Viscount of Wolfswood

Lord Harlando d'al Marras, Baron of Marras