The Kentuari Highlanders are one of the elite guard regiments maintained by the Royal Tierran Army. They are maintained and commanded by House Havenport (also known as clan Havenport). The Highlanders are made up exclusively of men from the Kentauri Highlands and are most often deployed as line infantry. If you ask anyone from Kentaur what a Highlander Battalion is, "Several hundred of the last people you ever want to meet in a dark alley, that if you set a Highlander in a direction and tell him to kill everything he finds, he will do so to the exclusion of all else until he is killed, or more likely, ordered to stop by his officer."


As they are line infantry the Kentauri Highlanders carry the standard smoothbore musket, simailer to the rest of the line infantry of the Royal Tierran Army. They are also known to carry spike bayonets, which may be placed on the barrel of their musket or used as a dagger for hand to hand combat. The Highlanders also wear boots with blades worked into the soles while in combat, to increase their effectiveness while trampling enemy wounded. Kentauri officers are known to carry broadswords.

Highlanders do wear the standard 'burnt orange' of Tierran infantry though they also include their own particolored cloaks into battle. These cloaks are similar to real world Scottish Plaid and can be used to denominate the clan of the particular Kentauri who wears it.

During the Siege of Kharangia it can be noted that several Kentauri, including an officer, are seen running about the city cutting out the tongues of Antari with, "saw bladed knives" though it is not ever stated if this is a part of standard Highlander equipment.


Not much is stated about the deployment of the Highlanders throughout the course of the invasion of Antar. Though it can be assumed that the Highlanders stayed with Duke Havenport and by extension the Duke of Wulfram as the Duke of Havenport was attached to the formers staff.

In the battle of Blogia the Kentauri Highlanders contributed 2 battalions and they're placed in the Left Brigade, led by the Duke of Havenport himself. The eight battalions in the brigade are deployed into two lines, four each, with both Kentauri battalions placed in the reserve line. There is the option for the Main Character of Sabres of Infinity to be rescued by a contigent of Highlanders at the end of the battle however, and one Kentauri officer, Major Keene acts as a messenger between the Royal Dragoons and the Duke of Wulfram during the battle.

The Kentauri played a much larger part in the Siege of Kharangia. Acting as the vanguard in the storming of the city, they were then commanded by Lord Marcus Havenport, the current Duke of Havenport's younger brother. The Highlanders are noted to have taken significant losses during this engagement. In the Second Battle of Kharangia, they're placed under the farthest right brigade, under command of the Duke of Cunaris and were in charge of defending the biggest crossing of the three crossings in the brigade's area. There is a chance that Lord Marcus himself die in this battle if he does not receive reinforcement from the brigade's cavalry reserve.