The Regiment of Royal Dragoons is a cavalry regiment of the Royal Tierran Army. Funded and commanded by House Findlay, the Dukes of Cunaris. They are suited for skirmishing and raiding. They can fight mounted and dismounted. They were considered 'barely cavalry' before The Dozen Year War, Until the fateful day of Blogia. Their successful desperate defense of the Tierran left flank and the suicide charge in the flank of the Antari forces, both in the Battle of Blogia and both helping to save the Tierran Army, proved the Dragoons' ability in the field. After Blogia, no one referred to the Dragoons as 'Barely Cavalry' and they're now considered the most hardened regiment of cavalry in the entire army. They were the second regiment through the breach at Kharangia, just behind the Kentauri Highlanders.

In the Second Battle of Kharangia, the Royal Dragoon serves as reserves forces to reinforce any crossing along Kharan River that seems to be lost to Antari Army.

Background Edit

During the early years of King Alaric's War, the possibility of an invasion was very much a concern to King Alaric "Spitfire", as the Royal Navy was still being heavily outnumbered by the Antari, should they ever unit themselves under a common cause. The Antari would be able to launch an invasion on the soils of Aetoria or Wulfram. Such concerns had came to the mind of Lord Arturo d'al Findlay, the 3rd Duke of Cunaris and 2nd Earl of Fernandescourt and Lord HIgh Intendant bring up the idea of forming a regiment of mounted light infantry to be stationed at the coastal areas of the North and to be the first ones to harass the enemy with skirmish tactics until the main army is to be mobilised.

With the approval and support of King Alaric "Spitfire" himself, the regiment was finally raised and fully equipped under the supervision of Arturo d'al Findlay. However, by then the war had come to its final stage, with the decisive Battle of the Northern Pillars and the destruction of the Antari Fleet, the regiment was never being brought to its usage until the day when the Dozen Years War commenced.

Initially, the Dragoon Regiment was broken up into numerous groups to assist the infantry and other cavalry units in skirmish, raid, patrol,as well as scout. It is not until Battle of Blogia where the regiment's glory shines, as they become a pivotal role to prevent Tierran Army from being routed and destroyed. Later, Four officers of the regiment of Royal Dragoons were promoted to higher commands and knighted by the King. It is then that the Royal Dragoons had made its name as the most hardened cavalry regiment.

Uniform Edit

Regular Edit

The regular uniform for a member of the Royal Dragoons consist primarily of a white shirt and underpants, underneath a pair of breeches and a white cravat tied around covered in the regimental tunic. The regimental tunic is a knee-length double-breasted tunic coloured a green-grey with a bright panel of blood red in the front inlaid with silver coloured buttons and with sleeve collars of a similar blood red. Trousers are in the same green-grey as the tunic.The belts for both pistols and sabre are made from a dark leather which are accented with silvered fittings. Topped off with a leather helmet with two plumes of red and white in the colours of House Findlay at the top of the helmet.

Equipment Edit

Dragoons are equipped with the Pattern 576 rifled carbine, Pattern 588 Light Cavalry sabre, pistols and hatchets. Individual may also have have special equipment allowed by their individual commanding officers such as baneswords or rune-guns.

Members Edit

Known officers in the Dragoons: Edit

  • The MC
  • Lord Sir Johannes d'al Findlay, Duke of Cunaris(Disabled at Battle of Blogia)
  • Sir Alfred d'al Montez (Deceased)
  • Sir Caius d'al Cazarosta
  • Lord Davis d'al Elson (Missing and presumed dead)
  • Immanuel d'al Wittelbrook (determinant)
  • Cornet Limpkin
  • Lord Harlando d'al Marras, Baron Marras (Missing and presumed dead)
  • Lord Renard d'al Findlay
  • James d'al Sandoral
  • Lago d'al Blaylock
  • Adalberto d'al Garret
  • Arcturus d'al Hawkins
  • Lord Roland d'al Keane (Discharged after The Siege of Kharangia)
  • Glen d'al Butler

Known NCOs and Enlisted in the Dragoons: Edit

  • Solhammond Lanzerel (Determinant)
  • Altelstan Harlech (Determinant)
  • Leonard Hernandes (Determinant)
  • William Fenton (Determinant)
  • Guillaume Villanueva (Determinant)
  • Color Sgt. Wagar
  • Robert Marion
  • Javier Campos
  • Alfonso Carleton