The Royal Tierran Army is the land based half of the Tierran Military. Eclipsed by their naval counterparts in prestige and funding, and, prior to the Dozen Years War, suffering from a reputation as a "social club" for young aristocrats, the Royal Army has historically been forced to forgo a large peacetime force and instead rely on the private contributions of members of the nobility. In exchange for the right to maintain private House Guards and use them as a private military force in peacetime, these nobles agree to contribute a portion of their men to the Tierran Army in the event of hostilities.


The basic administrative unit in the Tierran Army is the Regiment. Although horse (cavalry) and foot (infantry) regiments are organized differently, both types are large, usually independent formations of around 1.000 men.

Cavalry Edit

The regiments of horse are typically divided into 40 man platoons, five or six platoons make up a squadron of 200-240 troopers, and 4-6 squadrons then make up a Regiment.

Infantry Edit

Regiments of foot are divided into companies of 80, grouped together by nines to create battalions of 720, and 2-4 battalions form a regiment.

Regiments are then grouped into ad-hoc brigades of around eight battalions pre-Blogia, before being cut down to a more manageable 3-4 battalions by the time of the Battle of Second Kharangia.


To ensure that the Royal Army's officer corps is populated by men of wealth and appropriate class, the Royal Army usually requires an officer to purchase a promotion once they have the appropriate seniority. Of course, any officer could refuse to sell their commission to a would-be successor considered too disreputable to advance in the ranks. In addition, promotions are extremely expensive, especially in more prestigious regiments. Even a Major's commission in a Regiment of Foot (infantry) costs some 800 Crowns , equivalent to ten year's wages for a working member of the middle class. This means that the peacetime army is populated by men of wealth, honour and privilege. Only during times of war are officers from humble backgrounds capable of earning the great sums of money needed to reach the higher ranks.

Ranks and Insignia (cavalry equivalents for infantry-only ranks in parentheses)Edit


Armsman (Trooper/Dragoon) - One bar

Lance Corporal - One chevron

Corporal - Two chevrons

Sergeant - Three chevrons ^

Sergeant-Major (Staff Sergeant) - Three chevrons and crown

Colour Sergeant - Three chevrons over an reversed chevron enclosing a crown ^^


Ranks and insignia of the Royal Tierran Army.


Ensign (Cornet) - One gold pip

Lieutenant - Two gold pips

Captain - Three gold pips

Major - Pair of crossed swords

Lieutenant Colonel - Two pairs of crossed swords

Colonel - Two pairs of crossed swords topped with a small crown ^^^

General of Brigade - Two small crowns

Lieutenant General - Three small crowns

General-Royal - One large crown ^^^^

^ Sergeants usually lead cavalry patrols or infantry sections, the smallest individual units.

^^ The Colour Sergeant is the most senior NCO in a Regiment. He is tasked with guarding the oficer carrying the Regimental flag, or "Colours".

^^^ Colonel is the highest rank obtainable by purchased commission. General ranks must be earned by seniority and excellent service.

^^^^ This rank is reserved for the King, as commander-in-chief