Representing the dominant religion in the Northern Kingdoms, Saints-Worship is a form of Ancestor Worship based upon the pantheon of Saintly Martyrs, Baneblooded men and women who's virtue in life and nobility in death elevates them to godhood after their passing.

Saints of the Red Edit

The most prominent of the Saintly Orders, the so called Red Martyrs are those Baneblooded men who fell in battle, typically at the height of a great victory or stave off disaster for their army. The knightly orders dedicated to these Saints are powerful politically and, with their suits of Banehardened plate and flaming longswords, militarily as well.

Saints of the Blue Edit

Saints of the Blue are those individuals martyred while protecting the poor, sick, and innocent. The knightly orders dedicated to them perform charitable work to aid the poor and downtrodden and members of these orders can often be found accompanying campaigning armies as doctors and banehealers.

Saints of the Green Edit

The last of the three Saintly Orders is that of the Saints of the Green-men and women who meet their deaths in pursuit of lost knowledge or discovery. Knights of the Green serve a variety of roles, from teacher or researcher to explorer charting the edges of the Infinite Sea.

Ascensionist Heresy Edit

A unique form of Saints-Worship found primarily in Antar, its adherents belive in the so called "Mother of Ascension" a divine figure who determines which martyred mortals are worthy of Sainthood and which aren't. This is in contrast to more mainstream Saints-Worship in which there is no central figure of sitting in judgement, and it is instead mortals who possess the power to elevate individuals to Sainthood.