The Second Battle of Kharangia was the decisive battle of the Tierran-Antari War and resulted in the complete destruction of Prince Mikhail of Khorobirit's army as well as the complete collapse of Antari resistance.


After the Siege of Kharangia concluded with the fall of the great city the king put his ultimate plan into motion. He split his army into two divisions, the first of which was under the command of Lieutenant General Arthur D'al Havenport and would remain at Kharangia while the second, under the personal command of the king himself, would march north. Khorobirit, shocked by the fall of Kharangia, begins marching towards the city and Havenport's division. Khorobirit eventually made it to the city and took up position on the opposite side of the River Kharan. Meanwhile the king's division seized the city of Mhillanovil, a vital part of Khorobirit's supply lines and forcing him to shift it threw the lands of several less reliable allies. At this point a special task force of grenadiers and cavalry led by Lady Katrina d'al Cazarosta of Royal Intelligence march towards the fortress of Januskovil in a bid to either capture or kill Princess Aleksandra, his daughter, or Lady Anna, his wife. They succeed in this task, prompting Khorobirit to launch a immediate attack on what he thinks is Havenport's isolated division. What he doesn't know is that the king ordered barges constructed and transported his division south to Kharangia using the river that runs right to the city. After he arrives his forces join Havenport's and dig in to defend against the full might of the most powerful lord of the League Congress.


The battle began with a largely ineffectual Antari artillery barrage on the Tierrans, stationed across the River Kharan, combined with light horse sent to mark the crossings they would have to advance through to reach the Tierran army. Once they were marked the main body of Antari infantry began to advance, although they soon came under heavy fire from the Tierran artillery and the Royal Navy stationed just off the coast. When they reached the river crossings they triggered a Tierran banetrap, boiling the water and causing the Antari to choke to death on their own blood. However, the Antari advance continued and the two armies met in melee combat soon after. This continued until the Tierran center was on the verge of collapse, resulting in the Tierran cavalry sprigging their trap. They charged from the woods behind the Antari infantry, transported there by the Royal Navy before the battle, and routed the main body of Antari infantry. At this point the battle turned into a rout, the only Antari units still remaining were Khorobirit's line infantry and the famed Antari Church Hussars. However, even these units proved themselves no match for Tierran arms and were soon thrown back, signaling the end of Antari resistance.


Following the crushing defeat at Second Kharangia and the total destruction of Prince Khorobit's armies Antari resistance effectively collapsed. While the lords of the league congress bickered in Octorobit the Royal Army set the Central Plains ablaze. Relying primarily on cavalry Havenport swept aside all who resisted the victorious Tierran's advance and defeating the last pitiful host sent the league sent against him by destroying their sources of food and water and sending them fleeing back north without firing a single shot in anger. After two years of the victorious Tierrans running roughshod over the Central Plains they finally negotiated a surrender as the Royal Army approached Octorobit itself, thus ending both a decade of war and Antar's status as a great power, a title it had held for thousands of years, paving the way for Tierra to replace Antar as the true great power of the Northern Kingdoms.