Following the reconstitution of the Tierran Expeditionary Force following the disastrous losses taken at the Battle of Blogia, it was decided in the spring of 609IE to resume offensive operations and, to the surprise of many, split the already numerically inferior Tierran Army in two. The first of these, under General Havenport, was sent to lay siege to the great port of Kharangia, a well defended and strategically positioned city located at the mouth of the River Kharan. Though many, especially Prince Khorobirit and the League Congress, were skeptical of the Tierran ability to breach the walls before winter, it was nonetheless decided to embark upon the attempt.

Well aware that his army was unlikely to succeed in breaching the walls in time, King Miguel secretly commissioned GG&T, one of Tierra's foremost weapons manufactures, to produce a number of experimental cannons capable of utilizing percussion fuses reliably.

Upon the delivery of these cannons to Havenport's entrenched army outside the city, the artillery corp quickly set about using them to batter down the city walls. Within weeks, they'd succeeded in creating a large breach in the city walls, and the city was stormed and brutally sacked by the Tierrans.