Background Edit

The Wolf's Heads Cuirassiers are the house guards of the Dukes of Wulfram and one of the elite guard units of the Tierran Army. Because of this they are considered one of the most prestigious and effective units in the army, though this reputation was seriously damaged after its near annihilation at the Battle of Blogia.

Uniform Edit

The Wolf's Head Cuirassiers wear silver grey tunics and deep blue trousers with a steel cuirass on top of their uniforms, each officer and trooper are equipped with a steel helmet trimmed with wolf pelt and saddle blankets made out of wolf pelt.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

The Cuirassiers are equipped with a steel breastplate and helmet, and each man is equipped with a Pattern 608 heavy cavalry broadsword.

At Blogia Edit

The Cuirassiers were part of the cavalry brigade during Blogia, and as such they were with them when the cavalry was shattered by Khorobirit's Church Hussars. Though they eventually managed to extricate themselves, their losses were excruciating even by the standards of the army's cavalry- nearly 4/5ths of their total strength was lost, and their colonel the Duke of Wulfram was killed by an Antari lance.

Partially due to the costs of raising so many heavy cavalry to rebuild the regiment, and likely in part because of the new Duke of Wulfram's personal opposition to the war, the Cuirassiers were never able to make good on their losses, only managing to muster 300 men by the time of The Second Battle of Kharangia.